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Building Bridges Professional Services has been serving the Grand Rapids community since 2007. Through the collaborative efforts of the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation, in partnership with  Tabernacle Community ChurchDouble O, and Bethany Christian Services, we employ young people who would not otherwise be able to locate employment in the area.

Community residents and young adults are trained to deliver high-quality, affordable services to local residents, including lawn care, landscape design and installation, handyman services, snow removal, and other services. As a social enterprise employees are engaged in leadership development, ongoing professional development, best practice landscape techniques and are encouraged to participate in many aspects of the business.

By employing local residents and young adults we are able to offer competitively priced services to residents and businesses. Building Bridges strives to be both a first-rate service provider and a catalyst for community revitalization. Since its inception in 2007, the operation has grown to maintain more than 500 properties in the community.

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Building Bridges is a part of GRCCT, as well as a brother program of Rising Grinds Café.

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